Here is a shortened version of my Resume. You can view a full version of my Curriculum Vitae here.

J. Bruce Bobick

Professor and Chairman Emeritus,
Department of Art, State University of West Georgia
201 Habersham Place, Carrollton, Georgia  30118
Phone: 770: 834-2380,


              M. F. A.  University of Notre Dame, Painting and Drawing, 1968
              M. Art Ed., B.S., Art Ed., Indiana University of Pa., 1967, 1963


            State University of West Georgia, 1976- 2005, retired 2005.
               NASAD-accredited  Department of Art, 1998.
                        Initiated and Developed:
                           Summer Art Program:  Bayeux and Paris, 1998- 2006 with Professor Dorothy Joiner
                           Faculty Exchange:  South Carelia University, Imatra, Finland, 2003-05
            University of Pittsburgh, Semester-at-Sea, Summer, 2003.  
            Guangxi Teachers University, Guilin, China, Summer 1993
            University of Georgia Studies Abroad, Cortona, Italy, Summer 1980
            Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois 1968-76, Tenured



             National Watercolor Society, Los Angeles, California
             Watercolor USA Honor Society, Springfield, Missouri
             Professional Practices Committee: College Art Association of America,
             Watercolor Society of Alabama
             Georgia Watercolor SocietyBoard of Directors, 1979-2006

           “Watercolor USA.,” Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri
                        Purchase Award, 1975; Honorable Mention, 1971
            National Watercolor Society Awards, Los Angeles, California:
                        Purchase Award with Silver Star, 2010, Purchase Award, 1973; Cash Award, 1972
            Georgia Watercolor Society Awards:
                        First Prize Gold Awards, 1991; 1986;
                        Signature Member Peach Award, 1993
             Watercolor Society of Alabama Awards: 2008; 1977; 1976; 1970
             Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Awards: 2009; 2004; 1985; 1978; 1974; 1972; 1970


            Watercolor USA, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri
                        2010; 2006; 1993; 1990; 1989; 1977; 1975; 1973; 1971; 1969; 1968
            National Watercolor Society Exhibitions:
                        National Watercolor Society Gallery, San Pedro, CA 2010
                        Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton, California 2004
                        Brand Art Galleries, Glendale, California 2004
                        Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, California
                           1979; 1972; 1971; 1969
                        California State University, Northbridge, California, 1977
                        Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, California 1973
                        Oakland Art Museum Kaiser Center, Oakland, California 1970
           National Academy of Design Exhibitions:
                        National Academy Galleries, New York, NY 1971; 1970
            164th Annual American Watercolors, Prints and Drawings,           
                        Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. 1968
            Watercolor Society of Alabama National Exhibitions:
                        Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Decatur, AL 2008
                        Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, AL 2003
                        Wiregrass Museum of Art, Dothan, AL 1994.
                        Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL
                           1999, 1982, 1979, 1977, 1976, 1973, 1972, 1970, 1969
            Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibitions:
                        Bowen Center for the Arts, Dawsonville, GA 2006
                        Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville, GA 2004
                        Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA 1993, 1986, 1985.
                        Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, GA 1991.
                        Memorial Arts Center, Atlanta, GA 1979.
                        Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum, LaGrange, GA 1995
            Southeastern Watercolorists
                        Deland Museum of Art, Deland, FL, 1985, 1984.
            San Diego Watercolor Society National Exhibition
                        San Diego, CA, 1982, 1980.
            Hunter Annual Painting and Drawing Exhibition
                        Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN, 1978.
            National Watercolor Biennial, Scottsdale Center for the Arts
                        Scottsdale, AZ 1978.
            Joslyn Art Museum Midwest Biennials; Omaha, NE, 1976, 1972.
            Indiana Artists Exhibition
                        Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN, 1973, 1968.
            35th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Paintings
                        Palm Beach, FL 1973.


            Albany Museum of Art, Albany, GA 2010
            Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois, 2009
            University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia, 2008
            Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama 2007
            Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 2007
            Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 1994
            Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 1990
            Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia 1990
            Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida 1987
            American Cultural Center, U.S. Embassy, Brussels, Belgium 1984

              Art in Embassies, U.S. Department of State
                              USA Mission to the African Union, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2010-2014.
                              US Embassy, Singapore, 2010-2014
                              From Sea to Shining Sea, US Embassy, Singapore, 2006-2008
            " Summer Watercolor Invitational"
                              Art and Design Gallery, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO
                             June 5- July 17, 2009
                "20th Anniversary Exhibition, Part I"
                              Selby Gallery, Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL 2007
               "Atlanta: Amerikkalaista Nykytaidetta"
                              Imatra Art Museum, Imatra, Finland 2002
                               Kouvola Art Museum, Kouvola, Finland 2002
               "American Visions"
                               Jokoby Gallery, Koscise, Slovakia 2000
                               Gallery Z, Bratislava, Slovakia 1999
               “From the Avant-Garde to the Present Day”
                              Union of Artists Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia 1996
               “Watercolor, Now”
                              Slater Memorial Park Gallery, Pawtucket, RI, 2010
                              Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri 2008, 1997
                              Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, 2006
                             Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, Tennessee 1995
                             Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, Utah 1994
               "Watermedia 2000"
                             Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama 2000
               “Southern Quilts:  A New View” 1990-1992
                              Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
                              Folk Arts Center, Asheville, North Carolina
                              Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas
                              Museum of American Quilter’s Society, Paducah, Kentucky
                              Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama
                              Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee
                              Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, Georgia
                              Muscarelle Museum of Art, College of William and Mary



            CAA Professional Practices Committee:  “Has the M.F.A. Outlived Its Usefulness
                        as a Terminal Degree?”  Session Chair, Part I and II.
                           89th Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 2001
                           90th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2002                                  
                                   A two-year examination of the history of the M.F.A. and its current          
                                   status at the university level in the United States and other English-
                                   speaking nations

            “A Chinese University’s Approach to the Teaching of Drawing,”
                        Southeastern College Art Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
                        October 27, 1994.
            “Evaluating the Creative Performance of Artist-Teachers:  A Chairman’s View,”
                        Southeastern College Art Conference, Memphis, TN
                        November 1, 1991.
            “Ethics and Advertising:  The Role of the University,”
                        Fourth Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists, School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY, October 25, 1990.
            “Samuel F. B. Morse and the U.S. Congress:  A Chronology of Documents
                        Relating to Commissioning Paintings for the U.S. Capitol,”
                        Southeastern College Art Conference, Knoxville, TN, October 16, 1987


            “Professional Practices Committee Reexamines M.F.A. Standards.”
                        CAA News, Volume 27, Number 6, November 2002, p. 3-4.
                Book Review, Markings:  Aerial Views of Sacred Landscapes,
                   Photographs by Marilyn Bridges; Essays by Maria Reiche, et al.,
                             “Visual Resources,” Vol. V. pp. 347-50 (1989).

             "Images Upon the Subconscious," The Flying Needle, May 1986: 8 -9. (photos)